THE leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has called for Scotland to follow a “third way”, rejecting the ideas of both Boris Johnson and the Yes movement.

Speaking today to the LibDems virtual conference, Willie Rennie said that “the out-of-date, undemocratic, overly powerful Westminster” must change and called for Scotland to have “a bigger voice”.

He said this could be achieved through a change to a “federal United Kingdom”.

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Rennie, who has led the Scottish LibDems since 2011, was vague on the details of this plan. He said: “We know breaking up the European Union has been chaotic and painful and it has only been around for 40 years.

“The United Kingdom has been around for 300 years. Just imagine how difficult breaking it up would be.

“So let us not repeat the mistakes of Brexit with independence.

“Let’s work with our neighbours – in Europe and the UK.

“Let’s unite for progress. That’s the third way.”

He ended his speech with another reference to his plan, saying: “This is my personal commitment to you.

“Getting things done, a third way, compassion, partnership. To use our votes in the parliament to end the chaos. To be the voice of reason.”

The Scottish LibDem leader, who represents North East Fife at Holyrood, echoed the Scottish Tories’ recent calls for independence to be put aside and education made the “top priority” in Scotland.

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Rennie said: “Earlier this year the virus led to the SNP suspending their campaign for independence.

“I commended them for that. It was the right decision.

“Next May voters have an opportunity to suspend the independence campaign for even longer.”

Yesterday, the Liberal Democrats’ Wendy Chamberlain, who represents North East Fife at Westminster, had her motion for “The Creation of a Federal United Kingdom” passed by the party’s conference.

The motion stated: “The constitution of the United Kingdom is not fit for the needs of a 21st century liberal democracy.

“The best way to ensure the continued union between Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland is to create a truly federal United Kingdom.”

Among other things, it called for the House of Lords to be abolished along with Westminster’s First Past the Post voting system, the creation of a Federal Council of Ministers, and more powers for the Welsh Parliament.

The full motion can be read here.