The National:

WHEN Douglas Ross replaced Jackson Carlaw as Scottish Tory leader, he vowed to stand up to Boris Johnson.

"If the Prime Minister has got it wrong, I will tell him,” the Moray MP insisted.

Despite dragging the UK towards a No-Deal Brexit, planning to break international law and trampling all over devolution, Johnson has got everything spot on in Ross’s book.

At least we assume so, because we’ve barely heard a peep from the Scottish Tory leader.

Not everyone has been as generous to the PM, however.

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This fact was helpfully brought to the public’s attention by none other than the Scottish Tories, who promoted a story about Nicola Sturgeon being criticised for lockdown situations on Scottish university campuses.

But judging by the picture used on the story, shared by the Scottish Conservative Facebook page, students are in no doubt as to which leader is superior.

The National:

The sign, in the window of halls at Abertay University in Dundee, gives Sturgeon a big thumbs up, while Johnson gets a thumbs down.

The National:

Promoting a picture slagging off your boss? It’s all a bit awkward for the Scottish Tories, who declined to comment.

Facebook users were more than happy to comment. 

"I love the message in the top window. Nice of the Scottish Tories for letting everyone know exactly what the students think of our leaders," one wrote.