LONDON’S streets were packed with partygoers for a second night as pubs and bars closed up at 10pm following new coronavirus restrictions.

As the clock struck 10 revellers had to head out onto the streets of the capital city at the same time.

In Oxford Circus, in central London, the streets were packed with people, largely not wearing masks, who decided to hold an impromptu street party to keep the party going.

Reporter Charlie Haynes shared several clips of people crammed in together on the pavement dancing to loud music.

“Day two of a 10pm curfew: Oxford Circus has turned into an impromptu party,” he wrote.

“A completely mad rule to make everyone leave pubs at the same time - it couldn't have been designed better to spread the virus,” one person replied to the footage.

Yesterday London was added to the UK Government’s coronavirus “watchlist” as an area of greatest concern after recording 620 new cases – more than double the figure registered at the start of the week.

Public Health England’s regional director for London said this would allow officials to “respond more rapidly and with additional measures” if cases continue to increase.

London mayor Sadiq Khan blamed testing failures for the increased cases in the city. He said: “The lack of testing capacity is totally unacceptable and why London has been added to the Government’s coronavirus watchlist as an area of concern.

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“The Government have got to get a grip. Testing capacity must be increased immediately in London – lives depend on it.”

The Metropolitan Police have warned anti-lockdown protesters to follow coronavirus restrictions at their Trafalgar Square demonstration this afternoon.

The protest will begin at midday before moving to Hyde Park. It comes after a separate anti-lockdown event last week saw several officers injured as a “small minority” turned violent.