The National:

IN recent months, we’ve heard time and time again about how we need to adapt to the “new normal”.

But six months on from when coronavirus began to dominate almost all aspects of our lives, it can still be hard to ditch old habits.

That much was in evidence today during a Scottish Parliament committee meeting.

Labour MSP Anas Sarwar, while reminding his colleagues of the strict hygiene measures which now accompany all Holyrood proceedings, was caught breaking one of his own rules.

The Glasgow representative was in the middle of telling committee members not to touch their microphones when he did just that.

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The moment was captured on camera and Sarwar explained the blunder on Twitter afterwards: “Well spotted!!! Just at that moment it was suggested the sound wasn’t good so I moved the mic down.”

Sarwar, though, is merely the latest person to be caught failing to practice what they preach.

In March, California health official Dr Sara Cody made a similarly embarrassing blunder.

If the pandemic has proved anything, it’s that we’re all human.