HOLYROOD'S standards watchdog has upheld a complaint against Labour MSP Sarah Boyack. 

An SNP activist complained to the Scottish Parliament's Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee, claiming the politician had failed to "include remuneration from her previous employment as the Head of Public Affairs at Scottish Federation of Housing Associations in her Register of Interests."

They also criticised her for not declaring her wages "as an interest at a meeting of the Local Government and Communities Committee on 11 September 2019."

The complaint was probed by the Ethical Standards Commissioner.

Their investigation upheld the first part of the complaint, saying it was a breach of the Code of Conduct and the Members Interest Act 2006.

However, they said the second part of the complaint was not a breach of the Code or the Act.

The Holyrood committee said they agreed with the Commissioner’s report.

However, as it was "a minor and inadvertent breach" there would be no sanction.

Bill Kidd, the SNP convener of the committee said: "The complaint against Sarah Boyack was not related to a matter from which she could have gained any financial benefit and there was no attempt to conceal the information which Ms Boyack made available on the Parliament’s website.

"Furthermore, she took steps to update her register when the Commissioner informed her that she had concluded a breach had occurred."

Boyack made a surprise return to Holyrood in August last year after the resignation of Kezia Dugdale.

As the next candidate on Labour's Lothian list from 2016 she was suddenly offered the opportunity to become an MSP again.

She promptly left her job with the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations to return to parliament.

The committee said this had to be taken into consideration.

Kidd said: "In addition, there are not many examples of Members having registered remuneration received prior to their return as an MSP. This meant there was limited precedent to draw on which might have informed how the relevant rules should be applied in practice.

"Taking into account these considerations, the Committee has decided not to recommend a sanction on this occasion."