A POLISH cockerel called Stevie Wonder is looking for a new home in Scotland.

The bird was taken into the care of the Scottish SPCA after being found straying last week.

Despite missing some feathers from the side of his head and staff not knowing the circumstances, Stevie is recovering with the feathers growing back in.

He is currently being cared for by staff at the Angus, Fife and Tayside Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Dundee.

It is now issuing an appeal for a new owner who can help him "settle with some hen friends" and not a part-time lover.

Dale Christie, centre assistant manager, said: "No owner came forward for him so he is now looking for his forever home.

"Polish cockerels are known for their large crest of feathers.

"Stevie arrived with a few feathers missing from the side of his head, possibly due to getting himself caught, but the feathers are now growing back in fine.

"He can be a bit skittish when he's on his own but we feel he will soon settle with some hen friends."

He added: "He is quite an inquisitive bird, and likes to know what is going on around him.

"He will follow you around looking for food.

"We are hoping to find the perfect home for this special cockerel with enough space for him to potter around and strut his stuff showing off to some hens."

Anyone who wants to call to say they love him should apply via the Scottish SPCA website: https://www.scottishspca.org/rehome-a-pet/3930-stevie-wonder.