IT’S really good to see an ever-increasing acceptance of the need for an Independent Scotland to establish our own Scottish Central Bank and domestic currency – and to do so as soon as possible after a positive Yes vote.

Back in 2014, many near-Yes voters were scared off voting for independence by a combination of lack of currency clarity on the part of the Yes campaign and a cynical No campaign which misled and even lied about the issue in order to put an unjustifiable “fear” into folk.

Thankfully our own Scottish domestic currency, alongside our own Scottish Central Bank, now present as the preferred options of most Yes supporters including the SNP.

After a successful independence referendum, and in the interim only – pending the establishment of our Central Bank and new currency – Scotland will use an alternative currency which may well be the British pound – and YES the Westminster Government cannot stop us using the £ in this way. Using and sharing are very different things. Contrary to suggestions in a now historical discussion paper, there is no need for any “tests” or whatever.

Scotland can and will do what many others have done before, take fiscal control of our finances and establish our new Scottish currency and Central bank as a means of doing so.

These will be the foundation blocks for our excellent goods and services to ensure a prosperous future for an Independent Scotland.

James Dippie, Dalry, Ayrshire LAST month I advised the readers that GERS stood for Grotesquely Exaggerated Repressive Skulduggery!

I can now reveal that The SNP will prior to the next election, launch a CELTS campaign!

It will be a Campaign to Eradicate Lying Tories from Scotland.

Please support this campaign with every breath in your body.

Steve Cunningham