AS we have just passed the sixth anniversary of our independence referendum we must reflect. The Vow, the three Amigos, lead not leave, stay in the EU, the Smith Commission, 2016, Brexit, Covid and a UK government set on breaking international law. Most of all the worth of the gold standard way forward and Boris Johnson simply saying Naw. Nemo me impunae lacessit sounds archaic, remote even.

The motto of the Kings of Scots. It seems incongruous to mention it while the country seems to reject monarchy. But it is not what it is that holds importance. Wha daur meddle wi me? The same thing in Scots, less remote, more forceful and more applicable. Does Johnson dare to meddle with the Scots? Symbolism matters, it speaks to a deeper truth. Scots are dark and mysterious. A tradition of warriors who never give up. A long memory neither forgetful nor forgiving.

Our King chained our Unicorn to reality. A mythical beast, beautiful, shining silver, but wi a huge weapon upon its brow. Dangerous baith ends, unpredictable in the middle. I’d prefer a peaceful, bloodless, conversation. A wee vote. A democratic process fit for the 21st century. Indeed. Wha dour meddle wi us?

Brian Kelly