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FOR those who are fans of getting their knickers in a twist over fabricated scandals, the Netherlands' De Telegraaf has got some great news.

The right-wing paper, which is also the only Dutch tabloid, had an interesting scoop about Edinburgh University today - the only problem? It was completely untrue.

The newspaper put out an article this morning with the headline: "Universiteit vervangt beroemde filosoof voor George Floyd."

For those of us not blessed enough to speak the language of Vincent van Gogh, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Armin van Buuren, here it is in English: "University replaces famous philosopher with George Floyd."

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In the article the newspaper earnestly reported: "De 'David Hume Tower' van de universiteit wordt nu het '40 George Square', vernoemd naar de zwarte man die door geweld van de Amerikaanse politie stierf."

In English: "The university's 'David Hume Tower' is now named '40 George Square', after the black man who died as a result of violence from the US police."

This is, of course, utter nonsense. 

But that's never stopped the British tabloids before, why should it stop the Dutch?

In actual fact the tower has been renamed 40 George Square because that's its postal address.

Perhaps the university could stand to take a lesson in imagination from De Telegraaf.

George Square, in Edinburgh, was also (surprisingly) not named after George Floyd.

The error was pointed out on Twitter by journalist Gordon Darroch, who added: "For the avoidance of doubt (and craven stupidity): Yes, Edinburgh Uni are removing David Hume's name; yes, it's being renamed 40 George Square: but that's because IT'S ITS POSTAL ADDRESS.

"George Square is named after George Brown, brother of the 18C developer James Brown."

The newspaper seems to have paid at least a little attention, as they have updated their article.

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The headline now reads "University replaces famous 'racist' philosopher", which is sort of true - he's been more displaced than replaced.

And the text now reads: "The university's 'David Hume Tower' is now named '40 George Square', after the black man who died as a result of violence from the US police, critics say."

This addition from the tabloid is a masterstroke of journalism.

Have you accidentally reported something that is not based in any semblance of reality? No problem, just write "critics" or "sources say" afterwards.

The paper didn't feel any need to identify those critics or sources. It's a journalist's duty to protect their anonymity after all.