DOZENS of patients and staff have been evacuated from Scotland's largest hospital after a suspected fire.

The partial evacuation at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow took place earlier today.

Footage from the scene shows people gathering outside of the hospital entrance, with fire crews in attendance.

The fire is believed to have broken out on the ground floor of the hospital, prompting the evacuation of that storey only.

An eyewitness said: "As I was walking from the multistorey to the main entrance, I saw about half a dozen fire engines along the bus stops.

"The firefighters were telling everyone to get back and had cordoned off an area between the main entrance and the children's hospital.

"A couple of them were standing pointing to the roof.

"There were loads of patients, like me, who were wondering what would happen to our appointments, but they wouldn't give us any information.

"A nurse told me they thought it was a small fire."

There have been no reports of anyone being hurt.

Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue have been approached for comment.