THE vast majority of people seeking help from Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) for employment and housing issues have never used the service before, the latest figures show.

Its monthly report showed 79,235 pieces of advice were offered in August, the highest number since lockdown was introduced in March.

More than three-quarters (77%) of those seeking housing advice had not used CAS before and 85% needing employment support were new. The majority (83%) of website visitors had not sought advice online before.

First-time visitors are more likely to be younger, employed and owner occupiers than those attending before the coronavirus lockdown, according to the report.

Help with benefits and social security remains the most asked about issue, with debt overtaking employment in the second most commonly sought advice topic.

CAS financial spokesperson Myles Fitt said: “The impact of coronavirus across different parts of society has been laid bare by this report.

“By just glancing at our data it’s crystal clear that thousands of people across the country are worried about issues including employment rights, housing, debt and benefits, and we’re concerned that the numbers will only keep increasing.”