THE numbers of cases of Covid are now the highest they have been since April, and the BBC decide they will no longer show the First Minister’s daily briefings.

If Boris Johnson was doing daily briefings would the BBC be refusing to screen them?

Funnily enough the first visit after Tim Davie (ex Tory candidate and ex Tory deputy chair of his conservative branch) was appointed as director general of BBC was to Scotland. Do we not need to wonder why this was?

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Did he have instructions to put Scotland’s First Minister off the air since she was showing up Boris and he was not prepared to do daily briefings – not his style, as he only likes good news and grandiose plans, contracts for private companies to deliver testing and tracing and anyone other than him to do the day-to-day grind and communication which is even more necessary now that winter is coming, schools are back and universities are re-opening.

The Tories know that Nicola Sturgeon is showing Boris up big time and therefore she had to be stopped.

Is the BBC a public service broadcaster or mouthpiece of Westminster?

Winifred McCartney