The National:

WHEN the BBC said it would air future Scottish Government Covid-19 briefings based on their “editorial merit”, you would think, logically, something else needs to be broadcast with a higher value of editorial merit.

Perhaps an update directly from the CMO – an interactive Q&A? A specialist programme examining the increasing coronavirus cases across the UK? An informative news piece detailing the several local lockdowns across the UK?

These would certainly have a decent amount of news value and ensure that the most vulnerable in society are not excluded from being informed about the pandemic which is accelerating once again.

Who knows, maybe the BBC execs looked at these ideas. We’ll never know. That’s because what the BBC has already decided what will replace the First Minister’s briefings with on BBC One Scotland.

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On Monday at 12.15, when viewers would typically watch Nicola Sturgeon step up to the podium to detail the latest new coronavirus cases, hospitalisations, deaths and prevalence per health board area, the BBC instead planned to show them Bargain Hunt’s highly anticipated Battle of Britain special.

With the new Lanarkshire restrictions, however, the broadcaster will indeed show Monday's briefing - despite planning for them to be dropped from TV screens from that date. 

But worry not, because BBC One Scotland will continue the theme on Tuesday. Bargain Hunt is back baby! Unfortunately it is not the Battle of Britain special but this time they will be hunting for antiques in Builth Wells, so you’re guaranteed some thrills there. Although it is a repeat, so just try and forget what you saw the first time around.

And, let’s take a look at Wednesday shall we … it couldn’t be ... another Bargain Hunt! And it’s season 54, the episode in Ardingly! That’s a fan favourite!

Meanwhile on BBC Scotland, from Monday you can tune into … wait. That couldn’t be right. There’s nothing on until half past one. Fascinating.

Well it’s an exciting week for TV nevertheless. Now that awful SNP political party broadcast is off-air, there’s far more space for really strong informative programming.

The Scottish Government briefings will still air online and The National will continue to live blog and report on them as always.