To donate to Andrew's cause you can visit his JustGiving page here.

SOME people run marathons for charity, others set up cake stands, and still more simply phone up and ask for a donation.

One Glasgow dad however, has decided to shave the right half of his body.

Andrew Nicolson, who lives in Shettleston with his family, has already raised over £2000 for the Glasgow NE Foodbank.

He said: “It's the deprived areas that are suffering most during the pandemic and with the furlough scheme ending, November is going to be extremely difficult for a lot of people. I suspect foodbanks like the ones here will be pushed to the limit.”

The father-of-two added: “The shaving half myself is down to two things.

“One, I hate the fundraisers that involve folk getting fitness in, or going on once in a lifetime trips to see amazing things like the Great Wall of China or Mount Kilimanjaro where most of the fundraising goes towards paying for the trip.

“I wanted to do something that doesn't cost anything and that actually feels not nice for me ... like something that is worth someone's money.”

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Nicolson has set up several milestones on the way to his ultimate target of £5000, with each one being another part of his body shaved clean.

With the fund standing on £2000, he will be shaving the right side of his beard and moustache, head, his right leg and arm, and the right side of his chest.

If it reaches £3000 he’ll be taking his right eyebrow off as well.

If it reaches £5000 he’ll be shaving the entire right side of his body, in an event he has promised to screen live online.

Nicolson has also said he’ll paint the right half of his body blue should he reach £7500.

The National:

Explaining why he decided to try to raise the funds in this way, Nicolson (pictured above with his family) said: “During lockdown my mental health really suffered.

“With working from home while homeschooling two kids I struggled a lot... but add into the mix the fear of not really knowing what was going on or how serious, and worrying for my family (my whole family, especially parents and siblings), I wasn't in a great place.

“But I started watching a show called The Last Man on Earth. It was a weird respite from reality and my wife and I watched it every night until we'd finished all four seasons. In the show the main character ends up (at a couple of points) with half his entire body shaved.

“I won't be doing the shaving until October 31. And the amount of shaving will depend on the amount raised. But so far, it's already the majority of my right side.”

To donate to Andrew's cause you can visit his JustGiving page here.