LABOUR peer George Foulkes has claimed credit for the BBC’s decision to take the First Minister’s coronavirus briefings off-air.

The Cumnock Baron took to Twitter to claim the decision was a direct result of “representations” made by him and Labour MSP Jackie Baillie. 

“Good to see @BBCScotland have taken account of representations from @jackiebmsp and me,” he tweeted.

“All important information on the pandemic will still be broadcast but now no party propaganda,” the Lord added. 

The decision was also welcomed by Tory MSP Graham Simpson: “Excellent news,” he said.

The SNP’s Claire Adamson disagreed. “For whom Graham?” she replied. “Not for my constituents who rely on this broadcast to keep up to date with Covid advice.”

From Monday, the corporation will only broadcast the briefings if they believe they have “editorial merit”.

Instead of carrying the briefings live on BBC One Scotland and the BBC Scotland channel, they will instead stream the regular update live on their website.

A BBC Scotland spokesperson told The National: "We will continue to provide extensive coverage of the government press conferences across our news services, including live streaming online.

“We will of course consider showing press conferences live when any major developments or updates are anticipated.”

The corporation also insisted that all editorial decisions are made locally.