WHY is Grant Shapps so confused about the different policies on lockdown procedures in Scotland and England? What about Wales and Northern Ireland? Are they not so different too? Or is it another attempt to call Scotland’s SNP “baad” yet again?

The same with the media news reporters who single out those ordinary people who are also confused as to what they should and should not be doing with social distancing, wearing a face covering, or having house parties. Even whether they should be going on a European holiday, for heaven’s sake.

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Surely Grant Shapps was party to the Johnson roundtable debate about what is best for England during this coronavirus epidemic, whether it is face masks or not, or shutting down pubs and restaurants, or whatever else Johnson and his cronies can think of?

And surely the good people of England and the other three UK countries should just listen to what is advised by their own individual scientific advice, while just ignoring the advice outwith their own country borders?

Alan Magnus-Bennett

LIKE many residents of Scotland I find myself outraged that BBC Scotland is to stop broadcasting all of the First Minister’s coronavirus briefings.

It seems that they will decide whether to provide live television coverage of the press conferences based on their “editorial merit”.

I wonder who will judge the merit of what the First Minister is going to say in advance of her saying it. Will the First Minister have to submit her notes in advance of the broadcast? Will there be a threshold of the number of deaths or new cases of infection below which the BBC will not be interested enough to broadcast the briefing?

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Given that infection rates are rising, it is clear that the BBC have eventually caved in to Unionist political pressure at the expense of the health of the residents of Scotland.

I was, however, equally appalled by the pathetic reaction from the Scottish Government. Apparently their spokesperson could only comment “We will continue to carry out briefings to communicate key public health messages. These are carried in full on Scottish Government channels, and will continue to be available to all broadcasters.”

Is that honestly the best they can do? I have not even heard what the official reaction is from the First Minister herself, and the SNP seem remarkably silent on these events.

I have long resisted the call to stop paying the BBC licence fee but this is the final straw. Surely what we need is an organised mass non-payment campaign, with perhaps the money being diverted to the forthcoming (hopefully) referendum campaign.

John Baird

IT will be a very sad day on December 31 when Scotland is dragged out of the EU against our will. With Brexit we are expected by the Westminster government to accept lower food standards from America.

We have for some years now appreciated the high standards of food hygiene and good-quality from the EU. With Brexit looming, the Westminster government want us to accept lower food standards. This is not at all suitable for children or people suffering from ill health. Both children and the sick require good-quality food, as does the population as a whole.

We were in the EU with a good relationship and had no reason to leave. Scotland needs independence and to return to the EU as soon as possible.

Susan Swain

HOORAY for Ned Larkin of Inverness (Long Letter, September 9)!! I’ve been banging that drum for years. Since the 1950s Special Branch/MI5/6/GCHQ – call them what you like, the name doesn’t matter – have infiltrated the independence movement.

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Just to keep an eye on things, and make sure we’re not up to anything illegal, you understand. No suggestion that their mission is to subvert and undermine it. As Ned eloquently pointed out, look at their track record.

I’m not advocating a McCarthy-style witch hunt for possible agent provocateurs, but we MUST carefully examine the motives and effects of ALL contributions to the Yes campaign. Our goal will not be achieved otherwise.

Barry Stewart

JUST a short question to Ned Larkin – where on earth did he get his details regarding the death of Terence MacSwiney, the Lord Mayor of Cork, on March 20, 1920?

As I understand it he died on hunger strike, in Brixton Prison on October 25,1920. His death, incidentally, inspired a young dishwasher working in a London hotel to quit his job, and return to his native Vietnam – his adopted name was Ho Chi Minh – the rest, as they say, is history!

Norrie Paton