CAN someone tell me why, when I go into any supermarket these days to buy local, fresh produce, the butcher’s flag is printed on all the packaging? This is new.

The aisles are littered with Union Jackery in Aldi and Lidl, who apparently support Scottish produce. Tesco is the same and the Co-op has the butcher’s flag on their eggs, chicken, meat and ready meals; not to mention what we already know about Marks & Spencer, who love to splash their products with Union Jackery, even our very own haggis, neeps and tatties and shortbread!

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To my mind there is a deliberate attack taking place on our Scottish identity. Someone, somewhere has designed this and is letting it be known Scotland is owned by the British state. Colonised. Do I go too far?

Scotland has its own flag! It should not play second fiddle to any other flag in this country!


Eva Mac
via email