SCOTTISH rum firm Eos Distillers have launched a 28-day crowdfunding campaign for the first batch of their new spirit, Askival – a botanical rum made on the Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides.

#RumFromRum will run until midnight, October 7.

Donors can expect rewards ranging from bottles of the first batch of Askival – named after the highest mountain on the island – to a rum themed weekend on the island.

Fergus McGowen, one of the four founders of Askival, said: “For years, people have questioned why a rum has never been created on Rum.

"With a growing market, the rum boom is imminent, and where better to ignite the fuse than an island with the same name as the drink.

"With incredible natural resources on the island, from the volcanic water of the mountains to the delicate flowers of the meadowsweet, a story was calling out to be written and a drink created to celebrate it."

The Crowdfunder can be found at