LESS than half of English people think Scotland should remain part of the UK, new polling has revealed.

The YouGov research collated the views of adults in the UK about the Union breaking up.

It found just 46% of English people think Scotland should stay in the Union.

Only 13% expressly stated that the country should become independent from Westminster, with 34% giving no opinion, saying it’s for Scots to decide.

The National:

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The poll also shows a fifth of Conservative and Unionist Party voters would be pleased to see Scotland become independent.

A further 29% of Conservatives say they wouldn’t be bothered if Scotland ditched the Union, meaning 49% would either be unphased or pleased in the event of Scottish independence.

This is in stark contrast to Tory attitudes towards Wales and Northern Ireland, with 4% and 8% respectively saying they would be happy to see them separate from the UK.

The National:

SNP MP Angus MacNeil tweeted: “UK Tory voters are in majority indifferent about the UK union – they are catching on.”

Warren Morgan, the former Labour leader of Brighton council, added: “More evidence, if any were needed, that the Conservative and Unionist Party is now the English Nationalist Party.”