The National:

A UNIONIST blogger has been ridiculed after claiming she “got lost endlessly” trying to find the town of Fort William because of partially Gaelic road signs.

Effie Deans relaunched a classic Unionist argument by insisting the signs should be one language, not both English and Gaelic.

Unlike other critics of the signs, Deans said her concern was not the cost but the fact that the "dual language signage makes driving in the Highlands dangerous”.

The blogger was told that if she believes reading road signs is “dangerous”, maybe she shouldn’t be on the road at all.

Bella Caledonia commented: “The sublime irony of Effie Deans careering around the highlands confused by all the garrisons has warmed my heart this Friday.

“She's like a post-imperial psychotic sat nav gone wrong. I do like her call for signs in one language or the other though. Gaelic it is?”

Others pointed out it’s not as if there are an endless array of routes to reach Fort William. Oor Blaze told Deans: “Because there are just so so many roads in and out of Fort William eh? Or maybe just only the A82 and A830.”

Another Twitter user referenced Annie Wells’s accidental tweeting of praise for herself from the wrong profile yesterday, theorising: “I'm starting to think Effie Deans is another one of Annie Wells’s accounts.”

Reporter James Doleman also got himself blocked by joking: “Scottish Unionism means not being able to read now.”

BRB – going to submit some FOIs to find out how many Scots have gone missing after driving into the abyss thanks to partially Gaelic road signs.