The National:

IF you run more than one Twitter account, it’s probably a good idea to be very, very careful before you make a post.

There’s been some embarrassing examples of politicians and celebrities making some big mistakes with the switch account function over the years, and Annie Wells now joins that hall of fame.

The Tory MSP had tweeted a picture of The National’s front page, showing our exclusive interview with Health Secretary Jeane Freeman. She added: “It is unfortunate that the Health Secretary was unavailable for interview requests, to talk about our unavoidable deaths in care homes.

“It is however good to see that she had ample time to give an interview on #indyref2.”

It then looks like the Tory MSP went to post some praise for herself from the Women2Win Scotland account, of which she is the chair.

But somehow her self-congratulatory message didn’t pop up on that profile, and instead came from her own account.

So Wells ended up retweeting her own post and adding “Spot on@AnniewellsMSP”, following by a thumbs up, Union flag and Saltire emojis.

It looks like when she spotted her mistake she deleted it, before posting it again from the Women2Win Scotland account.

The embarrassing moment was quickly picked up on by Twitter users.

SNP MP Anne McLaughin shared the posts with laughing emojis, while her colleague Drew Hendry added: “That is desperate.”


Next time remember to click the all-important switch account button, yeah?