I KNOW, it’s a bit of a stretch, but imagine you’re Douglas Ross, shiny new leader of the six pack (AKA the Scottish Tory contingent at Westminster) plus their Holyrood colleagues. What an honour eh? Almost as exciting as running the line at Kilmarnock v St Johnstone on VJ Day.

And what could be more natural than an MP from rural Moray hiring another child of the soil, the erstwhile MP for Angus, as his very special advisor. For Kirstine Hair comes from solid farming stock and is clearly a woman who knows her artichokes from her eggplants.

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She has the odd blind spot mind. Nothing too major; just an inability to make up her mind when it came to the most important vote in the UK in 40 years or so. For in 2016 Ms Hair, who had inexplicably failed to become an MSP in the Scottish General election, found the whole business of Brexit altogether too complex to form an opinion one way or t’other. So didn’t vote. You know how it is. Sometimes things seem awfully difficult and your head hurts.

In fairness, she came on to a more decisive game a year later when she won a seat at Westminster, overturning an 11 thousand plus majority on her way. And once on the green benches all seems to have become a lot clearer. Well, sort of.

Having originally voted for Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement, she then really got into this voting stuff and cast hers against a second referendum, against a customs union, and against a single market.

Suddenly it seems the Brexit fog was clearing big time.

Except that she then voted for Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement, the main thrust of which was unpicking his predecessor’s. Not to worry. As she said herself in 2016, it’s really difficult when there seem to be strong arguments on both sides.

But now she can rejoice in a second political coming. Hired by the anointed one to allow her razor sharp decisiveness to help him along the path to electoral glory. Judging by his first few outings in the top job, he may need all the help available.

Bad enough for a man with a wheen of fairmers in his constituency having voted against protecting their future from yankee visigoths in future trade deals. But not at all clever to then go on the airwaves suggesting that chlorinated chicken would never sully his oven, and that he had the backing of the National Farmers Union in Scotland for his robust defence of locally reared chicks and beef.

This was all news, it seems, to the chap in charge of NFU policy, who accused Ross of being not so much economical with the actuality, but turning their conversation neatly on its head.

You may have noted that applications for other aids to the Ross cause closed at 5pm last night. Ruth Davidson, Ross’s current representative on Holyrood earth, took to twitter to remind folk that only hours were left to throw their hats in the ring for jobs as broadcasting and digital media officers. If her intervention was because a four deep queue had failed to form, I cannot say.

But any resultant gaps in the team are not a problem. Not, surely, now that Kirstine is on board.