EVERYONE in Scotland aged between 16 and 24 will be guaranteed a place in education, training or employment, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

The Youth Guarantee policy was one of the pledges in the First Minister’s Programme for Government released on Tuesday.

The legislative programme set out a “national mission to create new, high-quality, green jobs”, she said.

A green jobs fund worth £100 million over the next five years will be invested in various industries to promote employment, the First Minister added.

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Further proposals include a £25 million training transition fund for those who have lost their jobs and increasing a workforce training fund for employers to £20 million.

Sturgeon said: “Central to our programme is a Youth Guarantee – a new partnership with Scotland’s employers, backed by £60 million of Government investment, to guarantee everyone aged 16 to 24 a job, a place in education or a place in training.

“We are also earmarking £10 million to help employers recruit and retain apprentices.

“This will include incentives to take on apprentices who have been made redundant.”

The Programme for Government document states: “Every young person aged between 16 and 24 will be guaranteed an opportunity at university or college, an apprenticeship programme, employment including work experience, or participating in a formal volunteering programme.”

An implementation plan for the Youth Guarantee is due to be set out by the Economy Secretary on Wednesday.

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