The National:

IF there's one thing a Health Secretary should know about, it's the law and government policy on health.

With that in mind, imagine the Jouker's surprise when he learned that Matt Hancock, the United Kingdom's highest authority on health policy, doesn't even know who is qualified to give a flu jab.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Hancock said: "We're changing the law so that more people can administer the [flu] jab because I want pharmacists to be administering them, and nurses and technicians as well as GPs."

Considering that Hancock wants pharmacists and nurses to administer flu jabs, the Jouker has some fantastic news for him: they already can.

In fact, they've both been doing it for years.

The law Hancock's said he'll change has allowed pharmacists to administer flu jabs since 2017, according to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee, and nurses have been doing it for decades now.

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Fortunately, not everyone is as ill-informed on matters of health as the Health Secretary.

The Royal College of Nurses' General Nursing Forum was among those to set the Tory minister straight, writing: "Year in, year out for decades #Nurses in General Practice have delivered the bulk of the flu vaccinations to the population of the UK.

"It is therefore concerning that @MattHancock is apparently unaware that #Nursing has delivered the #flucampaign for so long."

They added: "It seems our Health Secretary is very poorly advised on the scope & autonomy of nursing."

Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell wrote: "A nurse has done my flu jab for years. Except for one year when it was a pharmacist. What is he on?"

Others could only put their head in the hands:

Oddly, it seems that the Tory MP was actually quite proud of the interview he'd given the BBC, as he tweeted a segment of it himself. 

We can only assume he'd been told of his blunder by that point...