The Yes DIY page likes to hear of pro-independence groups and their speakers and on Monday evening Linda Fabiani MSP was the special guest at a meeting of Meadows/Morningside SNP for a wide-ranging discussion on the topic: what benefits have 20 years of devolution brought, and what are the threats to devolution over the next five years?

The branch told us: “Ms Fabiani has been an MSP since 1999 and provided a summary of the notable achievements since that date.

"Holyrood has passed a total of 311 Acts of Parliament since its re-commencement, and the meeting was reminded of some of the key legislation in areas such as land reform (the right to roam and the abolition of feudal tenure), health (smoking ban, free personal care, minimum alcohol pricing) and the provision of free higher and further education.

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“Additionally, Holyrood has contributed to building confidence in our ability to govern competently and has become firmly established as the legitimate voice of Scotland.

“Questions from the audience ranged from the impact of Brexit on devolution to how we might make full use of current powers, and the limited economic levers available under the current devolved settlement.

“Ms Fabiani was of the view that there was little scope left for further devolution, the focus should be on independence in order to restore our place in Europe. To that end, we should seek the widest possible coalition across Scotland and ensure we demonstrate unity and confidence as we move towards the vital 2021 election.”