A CANDIDATE in George Galloway’s new Unionist party has been exposed as a racist who backs Tommy Robinson.

Former radio DJ Jean Mathieson, who is set to stand with Galloway on the South Scotland regional list, has expressed support for the English Defence League and described a post attacking George Floyd as "perfect".

In a social media thread from June uncovered by the Sunday Mail, the Alliance 4 Unity candidate responded to a tweet which called Floyd – whose death in police custody sparked Black Lives Matter protests across the world – a “black lowlife pile of s**t”.

Mathieson replied: “I actually do love you. Perfect tweet.”

In another post, she wrote: “Wait until they find out I agree with a few of Tommy Robinson’s views. I’ll be crucified.”

The Alliance 4 Unity candidate also described people who endorse Islamic halal meat preparation as “savages”.

In April, she complained about “foreigners” getting jobs in the UK, writing: “I assume a lot of fruit and veg growers in the UK are bitter Remainers.

“We all know tens of thousands of British people applied to harvest the produce but still the foreigners are employed first. Shameful.”

In a separate post, she claimed Extinction Rebellion activists need a “good kicking” and suggested police in London had been infiltrated by “glitter fairies”.

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George Galloway did not condemn the comments when approached for comment.

He said: “Our candidates are a broadly-based group and the stronger for it. We have socialists, liberals and conservatives in our team and most have never stood for election before.

“All rough edges will be smoothed by the time of the election and stunning candidate announcements are in the pipeline.”

The SNP and the Greens slammed the Alliance 4 Unity leader.

MSP Ross Greer said: “George Galloway and his band of racist misfits are an embarrassment to unionism.

The National:

“I’m confident they’ll be resoundingly rejected by voters next year, just as Galloway was the last time he tried to relaunch his long-dead career here.”

An SNP spokesperson added: “Six years ago, George Galloway publicly said ‘please shoot me’ if he was ever seen standing under a Union Jack shoulder-to-shoulder with a Conservative.

"Now he’s formed this party with candidates whose world views appear diametrically opposed to what he has previously stated he believes.

“It’s further proof positive that he has sold out on his principles in a vain attempt to remain relevant.”

Mathieson apologised for causing offence but claimed she had been the victim of a smear campaign.

She told the Sunday Mail: “I’m aware a small minority of my tweets from my personal account have been picked up by SNP supporters and shared around Nationalist echo chambers in a poor attempt to discredit me and paint me as being controversial.

“During the period of time those tweets were sent, I was incredibly frustrated that the SNP were not being held to account for their disgraceful record on health, education and fiscal propriety. I’d also willingly admit that I was angry with the lack of action from any of the so-called opposition parties in Holyrood.

“At this point, I did indeed feel that, while being a metaphorical loose cannon, at least Tommy Robinson, for all his many faults, was attempting to have his voice heard.”

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She added: “I’m aware this is an attempt to smear me and claim I’m supported by racists or right-wing followers but also understand my forthright tweets left me open to this false accusation.

"I utterly refute the suggestion but fully understand that three tweets in particular have allowed me to be a victim of this crude smear tactic.

“While I apologise unreservedly for any offence I may have caused, I feel it is important to stress that I stand by my beliefs.”

Invited to condemn the social media posts, an Alliance 4 Unity spokesperson said: “We wouldn’t have expressed ourselves thus but the comments were long before we knew her. She knows better now.”

Mathieson told the Sunday Mail she works for Cumbernauld FM in Larnarkshire. However, a spokesman said: “She no longer has any connection with us. She was a presenter in the past but expressed a number of concerning views.”

She isn’t the only Alliance 4 Unity candidate to come in for criticism.

Deputy leader and fox hunting backer Jamie Blacket has been condemned for “hysterical and bilious nonsense” after accusing the SNP of having a paramilitary-style wing intended to stir up online abuse and civil unrest.

The original founder of Ukip, Professor Alan Sked, is also expected to stand for the party on the Highlands and Islands list.