THE vast majority of younger voters support Scottish independence, The National can reveal.

Today's Panelbase poll, commissioned by Business for Scotland, put the Yes vote on 55%. Now, the group's CEO Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp, writing exclusively for The National Extra, has revealed that among voters under-35 that support is at a "massive 72%".

The next age group, from 35-54 years old, also has a large majority in the pro-independence camp, with 59% of those voters supporting Yes.

The National:

However, the situation is reversed in the highest age group, as only 38% of the over-55s support Scotland becoming an independent country.

MacIntyre-Kemp writes that "the Union’s last protectors are also its Achilles heel".

"If the Scottish Government committed to raising the pension in an independent Scotland to around £330.00 a week, matching the average of OECD/EU countries and ending pensioner poverty, 52% of those over 55s would be likely to vote Yes," he writes.

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The Panelbase poll also found Scotland's men to be slightly more supportive of the idea of an independent nation than its women. 

While support among men for the Yes vote stood at 56%, it was on 53% among women.

You can read Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp's full analysis in The National Extra here.