PUPILS in England will have their exam results based on teacher assessments after a Tory Government U-turn. 

It comes as several Tory MPs called on Boris Johnson to follow Scotland’s lead and base results on pupil’s predicted grades.

A number of students had prepared legal action after they saw their A-level grades dropped from As and Bs to Ds or even Us.

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As in Scotland, with exams cancelled, pupils’ grades were based on teachers’ assessments, which were then moderated by regulator Ofqual.

Also as in Scotland, the computer algorithm used by the body looked at the history of achievement of the pupil’s school, leading to thousands of A-level students having their marks downgraded because of where they studied, rather than because of their work. This had a disproportionate impact on students living in areas of deprivation.

The Welsh Government announced that A-levels and GCSEs would be awarded based on the “centre assessment grades” from teachers just hours before the Tories' U-turn in England.

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer tweeted: “The Government has had months to sort out exams and has now been forced into a screeching U-turn after days of confusion.

“This is a victory for the thousands of young people who have powerfully made their voices heard this past week.

“However, the Tories’ handling of this situation has been a complete fiasco.  

“Incompetence has become this Government’s watchword, whether that is on schools, testing or care homes.

“Boris Johnson’s failure to lead is holding Britain back.”