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THE leader of pro-Union campaign A Force for Good has come up with a bizarre idea for a pro-Union restaurant – and it has received more than its fair share of backlash online. 

Alistair McConnachie went on a rant about restaurants with loud music, saying that a Unionist restaurant with portraits of the Queen and Union Jacks would be “fantastic”. 

He said in a video posted to Twitter: "I actually have something I want to talk about because prior to Covid, when things were back at normal, there were a few restaurants in the centre of Glasgow that myself and colleagues would frequent.

"Some of them were bang on, beautiful decor, lovely surroundings, excellent service, good food and yet – maybe the manager had gone away or something – the bloke behind the bar was playing at such a volume that you couldn't even talk to your friends and I thought that's just ignorant, you've just destroyed this restaurant and too many restaurants get everything right except the background music, or at least the level of the music, and very often they don't get the music right.

He continued: "You walk into an old man's pub and it's like the wee person behind the bar is playing gangster rap or something like that and it's like come on mate put on Tom Jones or Shirley Bassey for this pub. This isn't a gangster rap pub and you think that's so obvious but so many people don't understand that's so obvious.

"Anyway, what we need is a Unionist restaurant. That would be fantastic. A restaurant where you go and everything is Unionist: portraits of the Queen and Union Jacks. That would be fantastic. So if someone out there has got the idea you've got one customer at least.

McConnachie concluded by saying that children are being asked to wear masks because the "state wants them to learn to obey".

The video faced a backlash online, with many saying the video increases the chances of indyref2.

Here are the best reactions: 


Scottish comedian Limmy said: "The evil twin of Malcolm Malcolm has come to life."











Earlier this year McConnachie, who is a Holocaust denier, sang about Brexit in another bizarre video.

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