DOUGLAS Ross has been accused of dishonouring Second World War heroes after skipping a VJ Day memorial to work as a linesman at a football match.

The Scottish Tory leader, who has vowed to keep up his professional officiating duties despite taking on the party’s top job, ran the line at Kilmarnock against St Johnstone yesterday.

It meant the Moray MP missed a Victory over Japan Day constituency event to honour Second World War veterans.

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Commemoration events were held across Scotland, including a two-minute silence at 11am, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon also paying tribute to all those who lost their lives in an online service.

The Scottish Legion had invited Ross to take part in a memorial in Forres, but he opted instead to officiate at the Scottish Premiership clash in Kilmarnock.

An SNP source also told the Sunday Mail: “Douglas Ross’s decision to dodge the VJ Day service in his local community is an insult to the memories of all those men who laid down their lives for the freedoms he enjoys today.

“Just 10 days into his new job as Boris Johnson’s Scottish puppet, Douglas Ross has exposed his own seriously flawed judgment for all to see."

“To choose a game of football overpaying his respects to his fallen countrymen tells you everything you need to know – Douglas Ross’s top priority will always be Douglas Ross.”

A spokesman for Ross initially commented: “Douglas reflected on VJ Day privately and marked the two-minute silence at 11am.”

The Scottish Tory leader has since apologised, saying his £445 match fee will be donated to Help for Heroes.

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Moray MSP Richard Lochhead said the justification was "deeply disappointing".

He tweeted: "Mr Ross and myself were invited to join civic leaders & veterans at Moray’s scaled back VJ Day ceremonies to represent our constituents and pay our respects. The reason why he failed to turn up is deeply disappointing and disrespectful."

Holyrood politicians lined up to condemn Ross, who has come under fire previously for jetting off to referee high-profile games while Parliament was still in session.

Scottish Green MSP Ross Greer panned the Scottish Tory chief for prioritising his officiating role.

“Douglas Ross has shown time and again that serving his constituents will always come second to his refereeing gig,” he said. “He missed crucial votes when he was an MSP and as an MP, including during his time in Boris Johnson’s government.

“It seems incredible that someone who clearly has so little interest in his day job would want to take on more responsibilities as party leader.

“Then again, when you look at the number of Tory MPs and MSPs raking in the cash from work outside of Parliament, you realise they’re pretty much all as bad as each other.”

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Labour MSP Neil Findlay accused Ross of arrogance.

He told The Sunday Mail: “This is absolutely extraordinary. Douglas Ross shows where his true priorities lie, not in paying respects to those who died for our freedom and democracy but lining his pocket running the line at a football match.

"This shows his appalling judgment and, frankly, his arrogance too.”

Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie added: “Douglas Ross said that his football duties would not get in the way of his political ones but it seems that he may have broken his own rules.”

Ross took over from Jackson Carlaw earlier this month. The Moray MP has vowed to keep his Westminster seat until the next General Election, while also targeting a Holyrood seat at next year’s ballot.

He has said he will only give up his refereeing job if he becomes first minister of Scotland.