BORIS Johnson is set to stamp schemes in Scotland paid for by the UK Government with a Union flag from next year.

The Telegraph reports that the flag will replace the EU symbol used to show infrastructure like bridges or roads have been funded by Brussels.

The news has been highly criticised by senior SNP figures who accuse the Prime Minister of “trying to force the Union flag down people’s throats”.

But the idea is backed by new Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, who wants to show the “visual connection” between UK funding and schemes in Scotland.

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He said the party should be “unashamed of our investment in Scotland”.

Last night Scottish Secretary Alister Jack said the proposals had been signed off by Johnson and Michael Gove, and would begin after the transition period.

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard said the plan is “foolish and political tokenism”.

He told the newspaper: “It would probably be counterproductive because there is no point trying to force the union flag down people's throats in the hope that they would like it. If the Union is so great, they should not need constantly to use the flag to promote it."

The news comes as yet another poll showed majority support for Scottish independence.

YouGov put backing for self-determination on 53% after two Panelbase surveys put the figure at 54%.

Some 57% of Scots also plan to vote SNP at next year’s Scottish Parliament election.