THE Scottish Government is concerned about house parties taking place despite coronavirus restrictions, Nicola Sturgeon has said.

Speaking at the daily briefing, the First Minister warned that as well as concerns over hospitality premises being linked to the spread of coronavirus, government data shows a connection to house parties.

Currently, no more than eight people from a maximum of three households are allowed to gather indoors. Social distancing applies to anyone from separate households, unless they are under the age of 12.

Sturgeon stressed that house parties pose a “considerable risk” in terms of spreading Covid-19.

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She told the briefing: "I’ve spoken recently about the particular risks in pubs and restaurants and the need for hospitality to abide strictly by the rules.

“I want today to express a concern, coming through our case data, about house parties. These present a considerable risk.

"So please, stick to the rules. No more than 8 people from a maximum of 3 households should gather indoors.

“Apart from those under 12, people from different households should stay 2m apart from each other.

“And you must wash hands and surfaces regularly."

Sturgeon stressed these rules are not optional, but vital to stopped the spread of coronavirus.

“House parties are really not sensible things to be doing right now,” she warned.

Her concerns come as she confirmed there have been 47 coronavirus cases identified in Scotland over the past 24 hours.