PRITI Patel has vowed to introduce immigration laws that will “send the left into meltdown”.

The Home Secretary outlined the proposals in her so-called “Fair Borders Bill” during a Zoom meeting with Tory MPs.

She is said to have claimed the asylum system was being "exploited by leftie Labour-supporting lawyers" who are trying to prevent the UK Government from removing people.

A Conservative MP who took part in the meeting told the Times that Patel condemned the apparent “judicial activism”.

They commented: “She talked about how the asylum system is broken, is exploited by leftie Labour-supporting lawyers who are sending us legal letters every day to try to stop us removing people from this country.

“She said she has legislation coming forward and it’s going to be difficult, the left are going to have a meltdown. She said that the government’s hands are tied because of legal constraints that date back to Tony Blair’s time.”

Patel’s plans to overhaul the asylum system entail a new requirement which would mean asylum seekers have to declare all their grounds for refuge as soon as they apply, with no opportunity to add further reasons at a later date.

The Home Secretary’s proposals come as migrant crossings between France and England are receiving high-profile coverage in the media, with the BBC and Sky condemned for recent television reports off the English coast.

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Labour MP David Lammy slammed Patel. He tweeted: “Extremely distasteful for @pritipatel to say our asylum system is ‘exploited by leftie lawyers’. Caricaturing an entire profession, which is subject to a code of conduct and upholds the rule of law, is dangerous and unbecoming of a serious Home Secretary.”

Earlier this week, Patel announced the appointment of a Clandestine Channel Threat Commander, Dan O'Mahoney, in a bid to deter asylum seekers. He has vowed to stop the “dangerous and unnecessary” Channel crossings.

The Tory Government was accused of lacking "competence and compassion" in its response to the recent crossings.

Shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said yesterday that it had resulted in thousands risking their lives in dangerous waters. In a letter to Patel, he said ministers must provide solutions rather than "empty headlines" to tackle the issue.