DOUGLAS Ross has been caught out in an interview about his resignation over the Dominic Cummings scandal.

The new Scottish Tory leader was asked on Good Morning Britain whether he trusts Boris Johnson.

"I trust the Prime Minister," Ross said. "He has the best interests of the UK at his core as does leaders across the United Kingdom."

Presenter Kate Garraway then asked if he trusts Dominic Cummings as he quit his post at the Scotland Office after Cummings travelled 250 miles from London to his parents’ Durham farm with his family while sick with Covid-19.

Ross said: "I have never met Dominic Cummings. I have never spoken to Dominic Cummings. I don't know Dominic Cummings.

"I can only make my decision based on the information that I have and I made the decision back in May. It was the right one for me at the time and I believe it was still the right thing to do."

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Garraway asked if Cummings called Ross to explain his actions after he resigned over the scandal.

"No, he didn't," Ross said. "I spoke to the Prime Minister at length the night before but I never spoke to [Cummings]."

Ross was then asked: "If you resign because you thought he did the wrong thing and you thought the consequences of it were quite severe, and people agree with you, then surely now nothing has changed between now and then.

"Surely you don't trust him, you don't have your faith in him, and that's why you resigned isn't it? You're in a position now where you do not have faith in the chief adviser to the Prime Minister. That's right isn't it?"

Ross responded by saying he has "no remit over who is the special adviser to the Prime Minister".

He was asked again whether he lacks faith in Cummings.

Ross said: "I made that position perfectly clear and, as I said, my position hasn't changed since May. What has changed is the focus that we need to have on rebuilding Scotland's economy and, as you've said today, standing up for young people who have been so badly let down by the SNP."

It comes as Ross told the BBC yesterday he "will stand up to the PM" if he disagrees with him but refused to say what he disagrees with him on other than the Cummings scandal.

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