DOUGLAS Ross has refused to deny that he was colluding with Ruth Davidson about Jackson Carlaw's resignation.

The new Scottish Tory leader said the visit former party leader Davidson paid to his Moray home on July 26 was private.

News of the meeting was revealed by The National last week, the same day Ross, the MP for Moray, was appointed as leader.

He told the BBC's John Beattie: "It's a private meeting, John. If you or I were to ever have a private meeting it would stay that way, you can be assured of that." 

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The clandestine summit – and the fact that Ross met with Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in the same week – has fuelled speculation that Carlaw’s shock departure after less than six months in the post was anything but voluntary.

But Ross claimed did not know that Carlaw would resign four days after the meeting on July 30.

"As you know full well from Jackson Carlaw's own resignation statement, a very brave statement, from someone who reflected himself that he is not the right person to take the party forward. I think Jackson has made that very clear in his own statement", he said.

When asked again it he was planning to overthrow Carlaw in the "well-timed meeting", Ross said: "It's a private meeting and I respect privacy."

And when asked to deny plotting, he laughed and said: "And then you would ask me a series of questions which I don't think is right. I am quite sure you get my point.

"Politicians are allowed a private life as well and Ruth came to my home and we had a private meeting and a private discussion which two adults are allowed to do."

Beattie said the listeners can "make up their own minds".

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Ross has asked Davidson to lead First Minister's Questions for his party on his behalf. He plans to stand for a seat at Holyrood next year.

He also said he "will stand up to the PM" if he disagrees with him but refused to say what he disagrees with him on other than the Dominic Cummings scandal.

"I will defend our position if it is in the best interests of Scotland," he said.

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