IF I have this correctly, the SQA moderated the exam results based on past performances. As a result, some students had their results lowered from those assessed by teachers. Some of this might be rectified following appeals.

Moderation was used to ensure that results were not inflated. If there had been an increase in grades awarded there would have been criticism alleging falling academic standards.

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The spin I am tempted to put on it is that the exam results assessed by teachers this year should stand for better or ill. This is an unprecedented year for the exam process because of the virus. What is the harm in this being an unprecedented year for passes?

Students who are not up to it will not get through the first year at university/college. Some students will exceed expectations given an opportunity. Give the universities and colleges extra resources if needed.

Unfortunately, SQA give the impression that it is about their control and power being threatened if they wave through teachers’ assessments.

Melvyn Gibson
via email