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TORY ministers are like buses. You wait ages for one to bother to appear, then they all come along at once.

In recent weeks several ministers have crossed the Border for a visit after the Prime Minister told them to be more visible in Scotland. It was reported that certain ministers were in “panic mode” over polls showing 54% of Scots now back independence – and in response, they rushed north to show they care about the Union.

However, so far the Tory leader, Rishi Sunak, Michael Gove and Alok Sharma have done one-day flying visits.

Now it’s reported that Boris Johnson will head to Scotland for a two-week (two weeks!) summer holiday next weekend with his fiancée and son Wilfred.

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The Sunday Times reported the news – a Number 10 source declined to comment but did not deny the suggestion.

The news of Johnson’s planned staycation has provoked quite a bit of discussion.

Writer and playwright Vivian French tweeted: “Apparently Boris Johnson is planning a two week holiday in Scotland... h’mmm. Someone alert the midges please.”

Another Twitter user put forward their theory. “Personally, I think that this is all a PR job in order to ingratiate himself & show that the UK is one nation,” they said. “Why can't he go to Wales? Or N,Ireland? Because he is'nt s****** himself about their impending departure from the Union.”

Clare Hepworth OBE had an idea for the First Minister. “Scotland declares an emergency … and rebuilds Hadrian’s Wall!”

After Sunak visited Bute and Johnson travelled to Orkney in recent weeks, SNP MSP James Dornan asked: “So, which island is he heading to then?”

Others weren’t happy that the Prime Minister was taking two weeks off as cases and the R number rise across Europe. One person furiously posted: “In the middle of a pandemic the lazy sod is  off on holiday AGAIN. Who’s picking up the tab this time?”

The Parody Boris Johnson account had his own commentary. “After working up to half a day a week during this crisis, I deserve a proper break. It's not as though there is anything going on that requires my attention.”

Sums it up perfectly really.

Where do you think Johnson will go on his holiday?