SUCCESSION star Brian Cox will be on the indyref2 campaign trail “like a shot”, he has said in an interview he’s given to Independence Live.

The Emmy-nominated actor appeared live on the grassroots collective’s YouTube channel earlier this week, when former MEP Heather Anderson gave up her guest slot on its show The Nation Talks (TNT) after Cox agreed to give an hour-long interview to host, Sunday National columnist John Drummond.

During the session, he branded the UK Government a “bunch of wazzocks”, describing Tory ministers as the “Mickey Mouse brigade”.

Cox, who has played Stalin, Trotsky and Churchill, also named Donald Trump as the one character he’d never want to play, stating: “He’s just a bad script.”

Speaking from his home in London, the Dundee-born star said: “Clearly the man is psychotic, he’s a liar, he’s a fantasist, he’s quite demented and, as my mother would say, ‘he’s no affy weel’. Donald Trump, I never want to play.”

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Cox, who has spoken extensively about his support for an independent Scotland, was asked about whether or not he’d join fellow Scot-in-America Alan Cumming to campaign for a second referendum on the constitution.

In an interview with BBC Scotland news show The Nine last month, Cumming said he would return from the US to join efforts to win a Yes majority, stating: “I think if anything has changed since the last referendum in the political situation, it would be to me that it is more obvious now that Scotland can do better itself and that Westminster does not have Scotland’s interests at heart.

“You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see that, and I think more and more people are realising that and feeling that in terms of the way they are being treated.”

When asked for his position, Cox answered: “I’m the same.

“I’ll be there like a shot. We got close last time but we’ve got to do it this time, we really have to do it. It’s going to be hard though because the fat blonde boy, he’s not going to like it very much.”

Cox, who has diabetes, revealed how he has been shielding during lockdown and praised Nicola Sturgeon’s handling of the crisis here, slating the response by the UK Government in comparison.

He said: “We need more women in power. I think the men have reached their sell-by date, they’ve made too many mistakes and they don’t ‘get’ a lot of it.

“I think Nicola does a great job – she’s very honest, she’s very down to earth, she’s very straight, and certainly her handling of the pandemic, when you think of what’s happening down here with the bunch of wazzocks we’ve got here running the show, the Johnsons and the Goves and the Mickey Mouse brigade. Nicola has real dignity and real clarity.”

On the December election, Cox said English voters had been given a choice between a “geography teacher” and “an idiot who has no policies”.

He went on: “I’m an Anglophile, I’ve lived in London most of my life. I feel deeply about what’s happened, particularly in the north of England.”