THERE is no doubt that the UK is a failing democracy, with less than half of the politicians in the Westminster Parliament actually elected by the public. The latest boost in numbers for the unelected House of Lords further highlights the sham of believing that the UK is a democracy.

Yet again more political cronies, including those who have poured millions of pounds into the Tory Party, find themselves rewarded with a job for life and a dead stoat to wear around their necks!

Everyone can see the corruption within the UK but there is little, if any, drive from within England to do anything about it, and since England makes up about 85% of the UK, the rest of us just have to put up with it.

So, instead of wasting time calling for reform of the Lords, let’s increase our focus on escaping from this corrupt Union and re-establishing our independence. We wasted enough time trying to persuade the rest of the UK that Brexit was a bad idea – time we should have used to build up more support for independence. Let independence be our primary focus and let the English wallow in their corrupt undemocratic politics.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren