A FURTHER 25 Covid-19 cases have been confirmed as part of the Aberdeen coronavirus cluster – taking the total to 79.

Speaking at the Scottish Government briefing, Nicola Sturgeon gave an update on the outbreak in the city.

Aberdeen faces new lockdown restrictions as a result of the cases, which have been linked to more than 20 bars and restaurants in the city.

The First Minister also said a further 30 cases are under investigation as linked to the outbreak, while 233 close contacts have been identified.

A list of the licensed premises where people with confirmed Covid-19 have visited in Aberdeen has been made available on the Scottish Government website.

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Sturgeon said: "To be clear, it’s not that one particular person in this cluster has visited all these premises. It is that someone who has tested positive has been in each location. But it will be different people in each of these locations.

"We’ve been asked why members of the public who have visited these premises have not all been actively contact traced. It's a reasonable question.

"The answer is that they may not have been there at the same time as the person who has tested positive - or they might not be classified as a close contact. For example, they might not have been within the 2m for the requisite period."

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The First Minister said she is asking people who have visited the premises to stay vigilant and aware of symptoms. If you have any symptoms, she said to “put yourself forward for testing and self-isolate immediately”.

The new cases linked to the Aberdeen cluster were announced as 67 people across Scotland tested positive for coronavirus over the last 24 hours.

Based on “provisional information”, Sturgeon said 39 of them had been detected in the NHS Grampian area. A further 17 were located in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.