MOST locals in my village are now really worried. A village where the virus was non-existent and where the residents followed faithfully Nicola’s sound instructions.

Tourists are back with a bang. Campervans, hikers, canoeists, people walking the Great Glen Way or cruising in the canal. Many of whom seem oblivious of the FACTS, unable to keep two metres distance, wear masks etc. Many are from England and the Central Belt and don’t seem to realise their responsibilities of protecting themselves and others.

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Many locals feel we are now particularly vulnerable. At a time when lockdown rules are being relaxed we are in fact isolating more. So I hope the authorities take heed and renew their efforts to police and educate those eejits amongst us, whoever they are.

They are not necessarily from abroad, they are from all corners of the UK. By all means visit us in the Highlands, enjoy yourselves, but please pay attention to those around you. Stop and think what you are maybe doing.

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus