THE First Minister has confirmed new lockdown restrictions are being imposed on the city of Aberdeen after a Covid-19 cluster outbreak there.

Nicola Sturgeon implemented Scotland’s first local lockdown after the number of cases linked to the cluster rose to 54.

The number is expected to rise as the First Minister said the high number of cases has contributed to fear there is a “significant outbreak” in the city.

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Nearly 200 contacts have been traced in relation to the cluster, which has been linked to The Hawthorn Bar. Sturgeon said another 20 pubs and restaurants are involved in the cluster.

These are the exact restrictions being implemented on Aberdeen:

Pubs and restaurants

The First Minister has said pubs and restaurants, indoors and outdoors, must close from 5pm.

Hotel restaurants can remain open but only to provide food to residents, Sturgeon said.

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This restriction will be backed by legislation and will be enforced if necessary, though Sturgeon said given how premises have responded in recent days she expects business owners to act responsibly.


People in Aberdeen should not travel more than five miles from their home for recreational purposes.

People living outside of Aberdeen shout not travel to the city, however Aberdeen residents can travel further for work if required.

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People currently visiting the city were told they do not need to return early, but they should take extra care on returning from Aberdeen.


People in Aberdeen should not meet family and friends inside houses. The only exception is for extended household groups. People can form "extended household groups" with ONE other household if they live on their own or with children under the age of 18.