The National:

“TROLL” Murdo Fraser has been blocked by the Scottish Government’s top coronavirus adviser.

Public health expert Devi Sridhar, taking the approach doubtless used by scores of Twitter users, apparently blocked the Tory MSP from interacting with her or seeing her posts.

Fraser, convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s coronavirus committee, shared a screenshot of Sridhar’s account, from which he now seems to be barred from viewing.

It later emerged that LibDem health spokesperson and arch Unionist Alex Cole-Hamilton had also been blocked.

The Edinburgh University professor has been subject to repeated attacks from furious Unionists.

Earlier this month, Fraser accused the public health specialist of making “her political colours clear” after she had to gall to suggest that Boris Johnson was not the world’s most competent leader.

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"It is the tragedy of history that when a serious pandemic hit the world where leadership & good governance were required, Donald Trump was US President & Boris Johnson was UK Prime Minister,” Sridhar posted.

Fraser replied: “Scottish Govt adviser making her political colours clear (and missing the obvious point that @NicolaSturgeon has followed the @BorisJohnson approach to tacking the pandemic almost to the letter).”

It is therefore shocking to find out today that the Tory MSP had been blocked by Sridhar.

SNP councillor Mhairi Hunter gave Fraser a hint of where he may have gone wrong, commenting: “Maybe you shouldn't be a troll.”

Politics lecturer Dr Malcolm Harvey says he's also blocked Fraser, dubbing his complaint a "manufactured grievance".

The University of Aberdeen academic tweeted: "I blocked Murdo years ago.

"Academics (and, indeed, politicians) don't owe anyone space here. It's not like he can't contact her more formally if he wants. Manufactured grievance."