1 The Edinburgh Fringe Festival: Free and Online: Of course our entertainers were never going to just pack up their props and put away their routines just because of a pandemic.

So, while they can’t get out into the streets, the theatres and small halls, they can bring us their shows online, which they will be doing every day from Friday until the end of August. For a flavour of what you can expect, a brief browse reveals Charmian Hughes: SHE, ComedySportz Online! and Sexpert – Madame K are on Fridays. The latter two are back on the Saturdays, while Joke Thieves and Show Up, Kids! Online LIVE! are also giving it a twirl. And what’s even better is it’s free, although you can pay if you think it’s deserved! https://freefestival.co.uk. Facebook FreeFringeFest. Phone (020) 3287 5533.

2 RSNO Sunday Sounds: The musicians of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra welcome audiences to a weekly live streamed concert, recorded from their home and broadcast into ours. The series of live streams starts today at 3pm and continues every Sunday until Augst 30. The performance can be viewed on the RSNO website – www.rsno.org.uk/sunday/ – or on Facebook or YouTube.

3 Great Scot: Free Walking Tour of Old Aberdeen: They do love to tell you here that there were two universities in the Granite City in the 16th Century, the University and King’s College of Aberdeen and Marischal College and University of Aberdeen, when there were only two universities in the whole of England. They combined in 1860 to form today’s University of Aberdeen. This tour is around Old Aberdeen, where King’s College is the centrepiece. You’ll learn about the scientists, explorers, inventors and writers who roamed its cobbled streets. Reserve your place for this Sunday tour which leaves from the Old Town House on High Street. The parties are restricted to seven people. Donations welcome. http://scotfreetours.com. Phone (0785) 1039597.

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4 The Scottish Diaspora Tapestry: Stories of Scots Abroad (Part 1), Verdant Works, Dundee: Our history is a rich one and this tapestry tells our story. Bringing together artists and communities from around the world, it explores our connections with those beyond our shores. There are 35 beautifully embroidered panels. £6.40-£11.50 (included with museum admission), 10-6pm. Phone (01382) 309060. https://verdantworks.co.uk.

5 Modern Masters Women, the Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh: Isn’t it past time that our Scottish female artists got the recognition they deserve? The Scottish Gallery thinks so. Admire the works of Anne Redpath, Lily Cottrell, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Joan Eardley, Victoria Crowe, Kate Downie and many more. All week from 10am-6pm. Free. By appointment to allow for social distancing. Phone (0131) 558 1200. https://scottish-gallery.co.uk.

6 Go back to school with Miss Baxter, Scotland Street School Museum, Glasgow: Parents up and down the country have been screaming for this after the past few months of home schooling .. the brisk and brutal Miss Baxter in her historical classroom. Free tomorrow. From 1.30pm-3pm. Phone (0141) 287 0500.

7 Family Craft, Pond Life – Pond Dipping, Lauriston Castle, Edinburgh: You can keep most young children occupied if you give them a pond to scour around in. And this Japanese garden has many treasures to record in your special little book.There’s fun to be had with your very own wooden sailing boat. - THIS EVENT HAS NOW UNFORTUNATELY BEEN CANCELLED