SOME Yes groups have an office or a shop that they have made into a hub to provide a centre for their activities but, as we revealed earlier this year, Dumfries and Galloway Indy Hub is a mobile centre to serve all of the region.

The Indy Hub van came into being just before the coronavirus pandemic really struck home and lockdown started. But now project organiser Ian Waugh has been rewarded by being given pride of place at the head of the Caledonian Cavalcade which will gather in Dumfries and leave at 1pm today, with others hitting the road in Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness

We told how the Indy Hub van was supported by people across the Yes Movement when a crowdfunder was launched back in January and February. The main aim of the van project was to enable the delivery of packs of information to households across Dumfries and Galloway.

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Waugh said at the time: “We successfully raised enough funds to buy the van, get the indy-supporting graphics applied and print enough Scotland’s Natural Wealth information packs to distribute from street stalls and through local letterboxes – explaining why Scotland is big enough, clever enough and rich enough to be a successful independent country.

“Our aim is to give folk in Dumfries and Galloway access to honest information about Scotland’s natural wealth and our ability to thrive as an independent country.”

Understandably the van could not do deliveries during lockdown, but the volunteers are gearing up to get going soon.

Waugh said: “I’ve been regularly ‘exercising’ the van around town to keep it roadworthy – and enjoy getting waves, toots and smiles. I try to park where it can get visibility when I’m shopping or whatever.

“We’ve supported Doonhamers Fur Aye, Yes Annandale and others at the Fechan Bridge (M74 J19) twice in the past month and are expecting to join them again, for another visit, on Sunday, August 9.

“Prior to that the Indy Hub van will be leading the Dumfries contingent of the Caledonian Cavalcade – having been joined in Dumfries by mini-convoys from Gretna, Lockerbie and elsewhere.

“Although we haven’t been able to post our info packs during lockdown, particularly when shielding folk might be wary of unsolicited mail, we’ve got more than 12,000 additional packs made-up; ready for posting to houses in Langholm, Moffat, Lockerbie, Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas, and Stranraer/Wigtownshire.

“This was something that helped keep folk positive during lockdown, knowing that we weren’t ‘idle’ and that folk will need this type of information to counter the ‘big shoulders of Westminster’ fallacy that will be forthcoming from Unionist politicians and their apologists in the mainstream media.”

MEANWHILE, Last-minute preparations were under way yesterday for the Scottish Independence Movements’s four motorised cavalcades taking place today at 1pm in Dumfries, Glasgow, Dundee and Inverness.  

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The cavalcades have been organised to safely demonstrate support for independence during the coronavirus pandemic. Alastair Rennie, organiser of the cavalcade in Dumfries, said: “For months now we, the Scottish Independence Movement, along with everyone else have been stuck indoors. 

“Due to Covid-19 we have had to postpone the series of marches planned for 2020. Independence campaigning has had to stay online to keep folk safe. The move to phase three of the route out of lockdown allowed us to start planning again. Static demos still have what we would class as an unacceptable risk so what to do?

“The Caledonia Cavalcade was the answer, a series of safe socially distanced car convoys on the same day across Scotland. I immediately started preparations by setting up event pages and sharing across social media along with contacting police and local council to ensure safety for all involved.

“After a series of phone calls and meetings, we agreed on times, route and all the other details required to ensure that the event went ahead with safety as the number one priority. 

“I would like to thank Dumfries and Galloway police and also the council roads department along with all the local indy campaigners and groups for helping with organising what I’m sure will be a great day.”