THE BBC has come under intense fire after sharing a video about Rishi Sunak's "plan to save the country's economy" which depicts the Tory Chancellor as Superman.

The video, shared earlier this afternoon on the BBC News twitter account, looks to answer the question of whether Sunak's "superpowers [will] be enough to nurse us back to rude health after the crippling blow delivered by the coronavirus?"

The Chancellor is first portrayed as the Kryptonian comic book hero flying over a city with a red pound sign emblazoned on his chest, in the place of Superman's S.

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Sunak can then be seen in his red cape handing out furlough wages to a line of grey people as the voiceover explains how the UK Government has paid the wages of 11 million workers through the crisis.

The National:

The portrayal then makes a reappearance towards the end of the video. Sunak (as Superman) can be seen standing over a crowd as the commentator explains: "These schemes are really about encouraging us to get out there and join the Chancellor on the front line, and help to push our economy back up to prosperity."

The BBC's "propaganda" video quickly caused controversy online.

Journalist Liam Robertson slammed the video as "unashamed, grotesque public-funded propaganda from the BBC", while another Twitter user wrote: "Not even the dumbest caricature of North Korean state media is as cringe-inducingly servile as this."

The blogging group Northern Left Voices tweeted: "Pure, unadulterated, propaganda from the state broadcaster there. Sunak is being lined up to replace Johnson early in 2021."

Liz Jarvis, the vice chair of Liberal Democrat Women, commented: "Ludicrous bias. Millions have been unsupported throughout this crisis including the @ExcludedUK @ForgottenLtd.

"Millions are facing unemployment as industries and businesses collapse. Rishi Sunak is definitely not Superman."

Others joined in criticising the BBC, which has been approached for comment: