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JUST like that, Jackson Carlaw’s stint as Scottish Conservative leader is over.

It’s at times like these that politicians can be forgiven for giving a bit of thought to their legacy.

In Carlaw’s case, aside from overseeing a period in which support for independence has reached historic and sustained highs, it’s hard to look past his masterful performances in the debating chamber.

The outgoing Scottish Tory leader has provided MSPs with countless memorable moments.

Here are five of the best.

Holyrood in stitches

In March 2019, while serving as interim leader, Carlaw hinted at things to come as he gave MSPs one the biggest laughs of the year. He said – with a straight face – that “the whole chamber knows in two short years Ruth Davidson will be sitting where the First Minister sits today”. One year on, it’s fair to say he was somewhat wide of the mark with that one.

'Talking pish'

Fast-forward to May this year, with Carlaw in the job on a permanent basis. The Parliament wasn't open, forcing the Tory to embarrass himself from afar. He demanded that Parliament be re-opened despite lockdown restrictions. With the coronavirus crisis near its peak, he was accused of talking “absolute pish” by Greens MSP Ross Greer.

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'Utter garbage'

In June, when Holyrood was back up and running, Carlaw challenged Nicola Sturgeon on her plans to re-open schools and suggested she didn’t comprehend the depth of the crisis facing the nation. As well as being denounced by the First Minister, Labour MSP Neil Findlay branded Carlaw’s performance "utter garbage”, accusing him of being "more concerned about crap on twitter than the future of children and families, the elderly and all our citizens".

The National:

Border bumbling

Earlier this month, he blasted a shot right into the top corner of his own goal by demanding that regional differences be taken into consideration when discussing air bridges to Spain. Unfortunately, it seemed to have slipped the Tory MSP’s mind that he had spent weeks rebuking the First Minister for refusing to rule out Border restrictions to halt the spread of the virus between England and Scotland. With a not so subtle hint, Sturgeon encouraged Carlaw to "reflect on" his argument.

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Last hurrah

And just hours before his resignation, Carlaw served up another FMQs classic. He had found a surefire way to expose some peak SNPBaddery – the party’s branded masks. He accused the FM and the party’s chief executive of “profiteering” by selling the masks on the SNP website. Sturgeon, for what it turns out will be the last time at FMQs, took the wind out of his sails, revealing that all profits will go to charity.

Whoever replaces Carlaw as Scottish Tory leader certainly has big, clown-shaped shoes to fill when it comes to FMQs.