JOANNA Cherry has called for the SNP to forget trying to stop Brexit and focus on campaigning for independence.

Writing in today edition of The National, the SNP MP argues that the party needs "fresh arguments" to win indyref2.

Cherry said that since Boris Johnson won big in England in December's General Election, the SNP group at Westminster has less power in parliament even though their seats have increased from 35 to 48.

She wrote: "The sad reality is that because Johnson won big in England and has an 80-seat majority, the SNP group at Westminster have less power in this parliament with 48 seats than we had with 35 seats in the previous hung parliament.

"The opportunities for the sort of cross-party working that delivered numerous defeats of the UK Government under both Theresa May and Johnson are gone; just as the days of endless Brexit skirmishes are over because the direct result of Johnson’s General Election victory was that Brexit has finally been delivered."

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Cherry, who is the SNP's shadow justice and home affairs secretary, said the chances of an extension being granted between now and the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31 this year are "negligable". She said even it if was possible it would only be "postponing the inevitable".

"It is important that we don’t expend energy fighting last year’s battles," she continued.

"Trying to 'Stop Brexit' was the right thing for the SNP to do. It reflected the views of the majority of Scottish voters. It was in the interests of our economy and society to keep Scotland and the UK in the EU. But we lost the battle and Brexit is now an irreversible reality."

Cherry said she backs polling expert Mark Diffley's view that said support for an independent Scotland has been steadily growing for six to eight months.

She contined: "We know that the legacy of our opposition to Brexit has been increased support for the SNP and for independence. What the SNP must do now is to nurture that goodwill to deliver an independent Scotland."

Cherry said a new independence campaign must answer key questions about currency, how Scotland will join the EU and how to maintain cross-border trade with England.

"These are all legitimate questions," she added. "The good news is that strong answers exist, but they need to be packaged and articulated to voters."

Cherry concluded: The SNP needs fresh arguments for a new independence campaign. There is no point in unthinkingly repeating past mantras or fighting past battles.

"We need to address the changed situation in which we find ourselves post Brexit. Internal
debate and discussion should be encouraged. When the next independence campaign starts in earnest, the honed arguments which such internal debate will produce will be vital to ensuring victory."