SURELY someone has given some thought to the consequences to the planet, and the independence movement, of a “car cavalcade” for independence (Independence cavalcades ready to roll across Scotland, July 29)?

It should hardly need saying, but increasing the CO2 output from a deliberate use of motor cars in Scotland today will do NOTHING to reduce Scotland’s carbon footprint!

I know, I sound like a killjoy, but believe me, this planet and our wee bit of it has to make a supreme effort to reduce the production of CO2 and now we are, to make our political point, throwing all our logic away for a gesture!

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And we boast that Scotland leads the world on climate change? If we really care about climate change, EVERY car journey should be considered as to whether or not it is necessary.

Seriously; once the Unionist press have finished criticising us – for deliberately doing even further damage to our planet, for a dubious political advantage of being seen to burn up fuel and demonstrate to other motorists that it’s OK to create even more CO2 by needlessly driving cars around our beloved country on a pro- Scottish independence “rally” – I seriously wonder how many of Scotland’s young (and now more environmentally aware) folk are going to rush to join us.

CO2 is built up by one car journey at a time; slowly and surely. We are either part of the solution or we are part of the problem. Sometimes it is a better idea to say, “no, we’ve made a mistake and let’s re-think this” instead of later defending ourselves from the criticism this indefensible action will surely bring to our movement.

Harry Bickerstaff
St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire