Escape To The Chateau: Make Do And Mend (C4, 8pm)

WITH millions of families stuck indoors, the significance of being able to feel at home in the places we live has never felt stronger. In this series, Dick and Angel Strawbridge help families tackle their design and DIY dilemmas. From their home in France, via the internet, Team Strawbridge attend to problem projects in sheds, attics, gardens, living rooms and allotments. In episode one, Angel helps Miriam get over the blues by transforming her 1970s bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary – without changing either the suite or the tiles. And Dick helps teach Phil the ancient art of cheese smoking. Together the duo also advise Tom and Sim on bringing their unique front door into the 21st century.

Outlander (More4, 9pm)
THE drama wraps up its fourth season in style with an exciting and emotional episode. Jamie, Claire and Young Ian’s attempt to rescue Roger from his Mohawk captors goes awry when a ghost from Claire’s past lays waste to their plan. Meanwhile, Brianna worries that her family – and the father of her child – might not return to River Run. Finally, Jamie receives word that Governor Tryon has an assignment for him and that he will be pressed into service for the British Crown (something he undoubtedly wanted to avoid). It all points to a fair few tricky decisions during the fifth series.

Imagine: Kate Prince – Every Move She Makes (BBC1, 10.45pm)
KATE Prince is a remarkable British dance pioneer whose renowned ZooNation company has transformed the profile of hip-hop and street dance across the country. Alan Yentob meets the choreographer as she embarks on her latest project, Message in a Bottle, a West End production set to the songs of Sting. The programme follows the highs and lows of birthing a complex new dance show.

The Secret World Of Your Rubbish (C5, 8pm)
THIS show returns for a second run and once more it meets people dedicated to keeping the countryside tidy. If you’re having your dinner, you might want to flip channels when cameras follow a couple of technicians at a sewage works who have the task of removing the rubbish that gets flushed down people’s U-bends.